Posted by: nawanagar | December 19, 2008

Ghumli – Proposed renovation plan

Bhanvad’s Ghumli is one of the oldest historical place in Jamnagar district. Ghumli was neglected till date but now Gujarat Govt. and ASI are working hand in hand to save this place of historical importance. The renovation cost will be around 3 crore and it will be completed by 2010.

Ghumli temple will resembled Somnath temple, marble stones for the same are bought from Adityana (Kutch). Ghumli

Ghumli, the erstwhile capital of Jethwa, is a historical place located about 35 km from Porbandar. Major tourist attractions include the 13th century Naulakha Temple – considered to be the oldest sun temple in India, Ram Gate, 9th century ruins, old reservoirs and Vikai Vav – one of the largest step-wells in Kahiawad.

Porbandar Railway Station has trains to Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Vadodara and Surat. Regular bus services connect the town with , Jamnagar,  Mumbai.


Ashapura Temple at Ghumli:According to folk lore, in the 14th century, Jam Unndji came from Sindh area with an army to conquer Ghumli, but he could not conquer, so after that his son Bamaniyaji came and surrounded Ghumli with a huge army, at that time, the king Bhaman Jethwa, escaped to Ranpur via the route of Kileshwar. So Bamniyaji attacked and destroyed Ghumli.

On the same night Goddess Ambaji came in his dream and told him that, as she has granted the wish “Asha” of his father to conquer Ghumli, he should make a temple in her name. So Bamaniyaji built the Temple of Ambaji on the hill in the middle of Ghumli and named it as Ashapura Temple ( Ashapura means the granter of wishes) Till today this temple is very popular among pilgrims, who climb up the numerous steps for paying homage to Goddess Ashapura.


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